What is Guac Bowl?

Guac Bowl is America’s Favorite Guacamole Contest/Super Bowl party.

We’ve been mentioned in the finest media outlets... We’ve expanded to the East Coast... We’ve got merchandise... And it all takes place at our humble little home

The rules are simple: bring a guac, try everyone else’s guac, then vote.  There are four categories:

  1. Best Traditional Guac (no weird ingredients),

  2. Best Alternative Guac (includes some special ingredient, or prepared unusually),

  3. Best Presentation (see photos... no really, you should check them out),

  4. The Icarus Award (for the guac that attempts to fly the highest, only to fall the furthest). 

Guac tasting begins a couple hours before the SuperBowl, and continues into the first half of the game.  Trophies are awarded at halftime, so get here early to enter, taste, vote, and digest.

May the best guac win.

america’s favorite guacamole contest / superbowl party
February 3, 2019
1 pM
adam & angela’s house
eagle rock, los angeles, ca